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Environmental Headshots     |     Standard Headshots

At "Dallas Headshots" we offer two types of services.  We like to define headshots as "Environmental" and "Standard." Let's break it down like this: Environmental: Here is where we "come to you" and shoot your headshot / portrait in your environment. These type of portraits can be done with different lighting set ups, and allow us to be a bit more creative with the backgrounds available at your office / business location.  Standard: This would be us coming to you, or you coming to us. Head and shoulders, or 3/4  with a fixed background (we provide) and studio lights.  We can match the look of these (standard) shots at your office or our studio. Please be aware that to do these "environmental" type headshots / portraits takes a nice, large room where we can get some separation between photographer, subject and the background itself.  Always helps to have some great available light (but not necessary.)  Feel free to cruise some of our samples and call / email with any questions you may have.


We are "all business" when it comes to your headshots and focus on corporate headshot photography only, to better serve you.

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