At Sal Sessa’s "Dallas Headshots" we provide  great looking business headshots / corporate portraits done at your office location, corporate event or our conveniently located studio. Our professional headshot photography service is affordable and the results are consistent.  Our men's headshot /women's headshot business portrait photographers are experienced and reliable. We  will provide you with everything you need to get "on the web" instantly. Need headshots for brochures, company web page or other printed material?  Facebook, or LinkedIn?  No problem, as we include high resolution as well as web size photo files in every package.  If you are looking for headshot photographers in Dallas for fast, affordable and consistent results you have arrived at the right place.

"Dallas Headshots" by Clint Swisher  /  FAQ


1. Tell me how this works.

We come to you, or  you come to us.

If "we come to you" we have a 5 headshot minimum that is affordable, fun and produces the kind of quality output you see on this web page.  This is for "basic headshots" and is a 2 hour session.   We can also come to your office and shoot more complicated and creative individual executive portraits as well. Here are some tips for your office staff.

In the case of "you come to us" it is a 30-minute session at our studio.  After we are done we will provide you with online proofs. After you make your pick you should get your final back in 3-4 business days.

2. What size files and what format do I get?

We will provide you  high-resolution, large JPEGS as well as smaller sizes for internet and web.

3. Is retouching included?

Yes.  Our signature retouching is included at no extra charge and would be (for the most part) "whitening eyes, brightening teeth, smoothing skin, eliminating blemishes and cleaning up stray hairs." 

4. Do I only get one "look?"

We shoot as much stuff as you like (in the allotted time.) We have different package structures that include output designed for your budget. Contact us for pricing.

5. What is the difference between a headshot and a portrait?

See these links on our web page: standard headshots / environmental portraits.

6. Wow!  You have a lot of great reviews.  Are those real ?

Well? Of course! We are aware a lot of photographers (and businesses) these days hire companies to supply positive reviews, and sometimes even get their friends or write their own! You can be guaranteed that any of ours are "real people" that we provided headshots for.

7. What do I wear?

See our  "Do's and Don'ts  .

8. What about doing multiple headshots at a convention or a meeting?

Yes.  Sure. We do it all the time. Dozens, hundreds. We have a system to make it quick and high quality as well.  If you are a meeting or event planner having an event in Dallas, let us show how we can help update your archives while you have a captive audience. Hint for success? Make it mandatory!!

9. What do you charge?

Call me / email me and ask. We have a basic minimum that is very reasonable and right along with the Dallas market. But in this day and age where "everybody's a photographer" you can feel comfortable hiring one who "really" is, and you won't pay a dime more for it. 

Please check our websites / email or call us anytime with any questions you may have!


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